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Nope, my life doesn't matter. But feel free to ask why.

~A Character Journal by Roba Espa.

Roba Espa
1 April 1989
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I'm a psychic, and I live in Domino City, Japan. Most of my life lately seems to have been lived in dreams, but some of them were such nice dreams. I have this necklace that I can't take off... I'm not sure I want to take it off, because it's pretty and I think maybe Fuyu told me once that it was given to me by my true love.

I have four brothers, and we're orphans. I'm gonna be 19 soon, so we're gonna have a birthday party if we can afford it!

I'm attending Domino University right now, but I'm very weird. Come to me with your problems, and I'll give the best advice I can, after warning you that it may break your brain.

((Nope, MercynRe does not actually believe she is Roba Espa, though she wishes she had cool light magic like his. Roba Espa is (c) Takahashi, and I am not him.))