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Voice Post for V-Day!!!

I gave Mahaado-sensei a box of chocolates shaped like a heart. I think he's

It means I want to you be my Valentine, sensei. You know, you're supposed to
go on a date with me now. We could have wine and kiss, maybe... Uh, guys, he
looks like he's gonna blow up my new phone...

*static, phone cuts off*
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Voice Post

... I'm so sleepy, but I have to study. *mumbles incoherently*

Noa-san gave me some nice pills that he said he didn't need anymore, to help
with my magic. He's really nice when he wants to be, Jounouchi-san! You
should give him another chance... He won't let me into his head to find out
what's wrong with him, but he said when he's sure he can trust me, he'll let
me fix it.

I feel so weeeeeird, and warm, and fuzzy. *stumbles and the sound of Espa
falling over something is heard* Oh, hi, Mahaado-sensei. You really should
try some of these. *giggling* *The sound of Mahaado lecturing is heard, but
the words aren't easy to make out because of Espa laughing dreamily the
whole time* Mmm-hmm. Of course, Sensei, I'll do better tomorrow, and I just
wanted to tell you that Noa-san has to stay a few more days, because he's...
*voice trails off as Espa can't actually remember what Noa said when he
showed up due to the drugs in his system* Oh well, it doesn't matter.
*Espa's voice drops to a whisper, but he's too stoned to be soft and has
forgotten he's still holding the cell phone*

I wanted to tell you that I'm sorry I've been such a brat, but I miss
Honda-kun, and... you're so cute when you're mad. I saw a movie where the
girl really pissed off the boy and so he kissed her just to shut her up, why
haven't you tried that with me yet? *Mahaado chokes on his words and tells
Espa to leave him* But Mahaado-sensei, I know there are things you could
teach me that have nothing to do with spells... Okay, okay, you don't have
to look at me like that, although... I like it when you're so forceful.
*more giggling, then the sound of Espa tripping into a wall* Owww... But
you're my teacher, Mahaado-san. I wanted to learn from you instead of Noa.
We could be soulmates... Noa already has a soulmate, but you don't, and I
looooove you, please give me a chance... Ooooh, what are you going to do
with that wand? Will it hurt?

*chanting, and an explosion, and Espa's phone cuts off*
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Mobile Post

I don't think I could be more embarassed right now...

Eris and I were hiding on the roof to talk and eta way from
Mahaado-Sensei. But I leaned too far over the last time he took our
brothers to go search... And I fell off the roof and landed on Priest
Mahaado. Eris thinks it was the funniest damn thing he ever saw.
Mahaado doesn't seem amused at all. I sorta wish we'd gotten it on
tape 'cause Mahaado's face turned almost as purple as his hair

Now I gotta do twice as many lessons a day to make up for it... And
Mahaado took away our video games. I wish he'd treat me like an
That Cute Boy Honda

Last Will and Testament of Roba Espa

I am petitioning the Gods to allow, upon my death, the disbursal of my material possessions and money, to be given as follows:

50% to my brother Eris, to be used to take care of him and my brothers. I've left instructions in his care. With the permission of the Gods and of Priest Mahaado, I would like to have him stay as Mahaado's apprentice in my stead.

25% to the Pharaoh Atem who freed me from the demon Honda. I only knew you for a short time, Atem, but since I cannot give my life for yours and I have nothing else that you need, please accept this as a token of my gratitude.

5% to my wife, along with the annulment she wants so badly. I've left the paperwork with the lawyer, Haga-koi. I'm sorry, and I hope you find happiness.

10% to Priest Mahaado, with the stipulation that he stay with my brothers in the house and make sure that they are taken care of.

5% to Katsuya, because he has been so kind to me and has gone through so much.

2.5% to the female Bakura, as a sign of my belief in the healing power of chaos.

2.5% to Dartz, because he was nice to me and would have been a good teacher.

I'll say my goodbyes in person to the people I care about before I kill myself. Please live in love and not in hate, because I don't want my brothers growing up with such evil as lurks in the human soul.

I'm going to miss my brothers, but I know Eris will do a good job. And he'll be a better student than me, Mahaado, I promise. There's nothing quite like the death of a family member to motivate someone spiritually.
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You., Not so Innocent

A plea for help.

Something really fucked up happened, and Mahaado-sensei said that perhaps one of you can help, Pharaohs. I really need this goddamn necklace off, and if someone doesn't banish it, I'm going to lock myself in my soul room forever and let my ka take my place, because it's better than living with the betrayal I've been through. Banishings don't work, but if you can read the right dead language, or somehow change the name on the necklace, I should have my free will back.

I thought the demon loved me. And I would have done anything for him... anything. I forfeited my free will to him so that he could have my soul, and I don't care if he keeps my fucking soul since it was promised to him, I just don't want to wear a constant reminder of how much I trusted him! I'd rather spend forever in the underworld and leave my brothers to fend for themselves than to feel this pendant choking me any more!

*breaks down crying*
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... I had to go buy a new computer today, since I broke mine in a stupid accident. Damnit...

And I fractured my ankle. It's so dumb! I was talking on my cell phone while I was trying to switch out the keyboard on the desktop, and I knocked the table over, with everything on it. I feel like such a klutz! And Eris was laughing his ass off and saying the person I was talking to must be cursed, since the phone said we'd been talking 66 minutes and 16 seconds when it hung up. Not funny...
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Mobile Post

Something bad is going to happen. The cards aren't too clear on exactly
what, but it's going to be really bad.

Sensei, I don't want to study anymore. You're scaring me. And you don't make
any sense... nothing does anymore.
Ferret of Doom

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Haga? I'm putting my foot down. You're not getting divorced! And you're gonna stop being such a smartass about me, because... Just because you are, damnit! And I'll make you pay for it if you don't listen to me!

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Mahaado-san? I... We have a guest room that you can stay in since you don't know anyone. And I can take you to go get normal clothes so people stop making fun of you. And I'm sorry my girlfriend Haga was so weird to you, but it's kinda my fault. If you're not like the other Mahaados that I didn't really know, then I'd like to talk to you about being your student, because I don't think Dartz-san is going to take me, and Noa suggested that I bind my soul to this thing that looked human, but it didn't work. And Haga should be acting normal again, soon, but I'll tell you about that in person. I can't pick you up on my motorcycle 'cause I wrecked it to test a spell, but I can meet you and walk with you back here. And she's upset because I gave my soul to a demon, because I loved him. I still love him, but we got separated, and since I promised him that I'd never give my soul to another, I don't want to break that promise. It's not like my soul is in any danger, 'cause he was the nicest boy I ever knew. And he had really pretty wings. But I love Haga now, and it makes me sad that I can't say that she's my soulmate, because I don't have a soul I can give her. But I promised the demon that I'd learn better control of my magic, so that I wouldn't accidentally hurt people, and I accidentally hurt Haga.

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Eris! I can't believe you got arrested! But I'm coming to visit, and I'll give you something to help get you out... Next time, just let me handle things, okay? And I'm sorry they hit you, but peaceful resisting, remember? Don't ever strike out at a trained officer who can take you down, because they'll just add assault charges.

The weirdest thing happened. I could have sworn Haga cursed me out in Russian before turning pink and running away. But it's okay if she's mad, because I know that she loves me and just can't admit it yet. Soon the whole city will know that we're meant to be, and that she'll always be my princess.

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Okay, that was stupid. Really, really stupid, but it worked. Kinda. Motorcycle now needs to be repaired, though, and I had to hide it so that people wouldn't ask too many questions. This really sucks.

Okay, here's a dumb meme thing since I'm bored.

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